Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Aaron Neville

aaron orchid
It was impossible to pick the right tracks from this CD.

Everyone knows that Aaron can sing the phone book and make it sounds good, but some say this session is his best ever. All I know is it's my favorite Aaron record, no other even close.

The producer was the legendary Joel Dorn. He told me that hanging outside the studio during a 1983 Neville Brothers record, Aaron was just messing around doo-wopping and casually mentioned it was his favorite music. Quickly, Joel rounded up a small group and another New Orleans legend, arranger Wardell Quezergue, and recorded this awesome EP. It was released on an independent New Jersey label, Rhino picked it up in the early 90s, and now Joel has released it himself with a lot of bonus material that rounds it out to LP length.

If you like these, I'll post the whole EP, I love it that much.

Aaron Neville >For Your Precious Love

Aaron Neville >Warm Your Heart


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