Monday, November 01, 2004

Hank Jones, Charlie Haden, Pat Metheny

So here's some great music:

Hank Jones is one of the considerable jazz pianists. (His brother was Elvin Jones, the drummer in John Coltrane's great band. His other brother was Thad Jones, a respected trumpter, composer & bandleader). Hank was one of the most dependable pianists of the 40s, he spent 25 years in the CBS studios, and I produced his comeback record in 1977, Bop Redux, which got us my only Grammy nomination.
bop redux
Bloomdido is one of my favorite tracks from that LP.

Anyhow, he made this amazing duet CD about ten years ago with bassist Charlie Haden. It's called Steal Away: Spirituals, Hymns, and Folk Songs. It is truly sublime. I was raised as a
Presbytarian so I recognize a bunch of the hymns (don't know if the Catholics share them), but whether you know them or not, you can't miss with these tracks.
haden jones
Charlie Haden & Hank Jones >It's Me, O Lord (Standin' In The Need Of Prayer)

Charlie Haden & Hank Jones >Hymn Medley

Charlie Haden Hank's duet partner, got famous in the 60s as an avant-garde bassist with Ornette Coleman, and then his Liberation Music Orchestra that played Spanish and Cuban revolutionary songs (arranged by Carla Bley, by the way). After he quit heroin, he's become one of the most reliable, interesting guys around. Each of his records has a brand new look at how to play music (fitting, I think, since he started as a country musician and singer as a five year old with his family's country act before becoming a jazzman). He's done a series of duet records over the last 30 years, with the Hank one being my favorite. But close behind...

I generally am completely bored by Pat Metheny (jazz guitars are not my faves). But this duet record with Charlie is totally wonderful. The track I picked is from 'Two for the Road' the great romantic movie by Stanley Donen and the beautifully melodic title song was written by Henry Mancini (who, weirdly enough, has become one of my raves of the last 6 or 7 years, but more on that another time).
haden metheny
Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny >Two for the Road


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