Tuesday, November 02, 2004

John Scofield

I bought this CD because I liked the cover (one day I'll figure out how to post covers), and because I was sick of ignoring jazz guitarists. I loved it because finally there was someone my age with a rock and soul and jazz background putting it all together in a groovy, funky, tuneful, almost pop-y kind of way. I didn't know anything about the rhythm section -Medesky, Martin & Wood- until years later.

(So then I buy every solo Scofield, every MMW, and I'm completely bored silly by almost every track on every one of their CDs. God, I hate the jam bands.)

If anyone could come up with CDs full of tracks like this, actual songs rather than funky noodling, I'll be your fan for life. So will everyone else.

John Scofield >A Go Go


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